Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beautifully Sailing Through The Memory Lane

We always wish if we could preserve the memories we make of childhood days, of stupid games and very importantly the taste of great food.
Good places can be captured using a camera, however, we never get to re-relish the wonderful tastes of our childhood days.
But, do not lose hopes here, Paper Boat helps you walk down the memory lane. 
Some of the very interesting and wisely selected drinks that are close to our hearts include, Chilli Guava, Kokum, Aam panna, Aamras. 
I just reviewed the great taste of Chilli Guava, well, it took me back to the very days of heat, when we used to buy guavas garnished with chilli powder. 

Packaging : 10/10
Taste : 10/10
Price : 10/10 
Concept : 100/10                                             Yes, a 100!
Ingredients : Natural Juices and natural colour 

              So to all those Indian folks and to those who wish to taste what India drinks, go grab a Paper Boat and sail through the memory lane.
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